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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another issue of SPACESHIP AWAY. Original Dan Dare artist Don Harley starts us off with his superb new cover art from The Ship that Lived. We reflect on the coming Christmas season in Tim Booth's Dan Dare strip Mercury Revenant, and Parsecular Tales strip unfolds.

Continuing the seasonal theme, Andrew Darlington reviews the final fifteen Dan Dare Eagle Annual stories of the second decade and beyond.

We feature a complete Jet Morgan Annual story The Space Castaway, drawn by Bruce Cornwell.

Alan Vince looks at another attempt in the 1980s to produce a Dan Dare television series. Don Harley's impressive centrespread complements this by showing Dan and his friends, based on Keith Watson's designs for the TV series. John Lawrence reviews SF illustrator Ron Turner's 1950s hero Space Ace.

Models from Dan Dare's World depicts The Mekon. Graham Bleathman has produced another of his finely-detailed cutaways, a Treen Interceptor, that was not included in the recent Dan Dare Haynes Manual.

Our 1950s memorabilia features a rare Dan Dare remote control helicopter. We conclude on the back cover with a painting of the Anastasia leaving Mars Station, by 1960s Gerry Anderson TV series designer Mike Trim.

Finally, we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!



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