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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to an exciting new year of Spaceship Away. We have many new features in preparation to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Eagle and Dan Dare.

For this issue, original studio artist Don Harley, has painted our Phantom Fleet cover art, a magnificent Lunabus flight deck centrespread featuring Dan and Co. and back cover poster of Chaplain Dan Dare as he could have appeared 65 years ago.

Our articles in this issue cover three eras of Dan Dare. Alan Vince looks at the life and career of Harold Johns, the first member of Frank Hampson's original Bakehouse studio team. Jeremy Briggs investigates The Lost Eagle project from 1973 which was to feature artwork by Frank Bellamy and Joe Colquhoun. Andrew Darlington looks at Dan Dare in Lion & Eagle.

Beginning in this issue we have a new Ron Turner Nick Hazard story entitled Planet of Doom. Also, Charles Chilton's Journey into Space begins a new adventure The World Next Door by Terence Patrick. Our resident Dan Dare artist and script writer Tim Booth presents two more exciting episodes of his Parsecular Tales and Mercury Revenant.

Other feature include the new Dan Dare exhibition at the Atkinson Gallery in Southport and a new "studio" model of Stripey by Don Harley. Finally, we have two humour strips, Thunderpants  and Davy Rocket, by Ray Aspden.

Happy reading.


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