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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first issue of the 2017 SPACESHIP AWAY featuring 18 pages of Dan Dare strips. Our cover and centrespread is graced by new art by Graham Bleathman and a Spacefleet Team Height Chart by Don Harley is shown on page 2.

Parsecular Tales concludes (for now), but in the meantime, we commence a brand new Dan Dare story, Shakedown Cruise by Tim Booth.

Our first article, Two Unlikely Dan Dare Artists, by David Ashford, looks at the contribution to Eagle of Jack Daniel and Norman Williams.

There are two complete short story strips, The Killing Zone by Ron Turner and Martian Menace by Joe Pimental.

We highlight Bruce Cornwell's art that he produced for the Express Annual and part one of a three part article examining The History of Early Rockets, begins.

As well as memorabilia and humour, we finish with a new piece of Dan Dare art by Bill Naylor on the back cover.

Happy reading.

Des Shaw


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