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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

Hello Everyone!

We have an another exciting issue for you this time, and commence with Mercury Revenant by Tim Booth, a brand new traditional Dan Dare strip. This joins his ongoing Parsecular Tales saga.

Don Harley provides our Reign of the Robots cover art and adds the Mekon to Bruce Cornwell's Mekonta painting on page 2.

Joan Porter informs us about life in the Bakehouse Studio, the Venus story and Frank Hampson's communication with Arthur C. Clarke.

Don Harley's Bakehouse art graces our centrespread and we see an insight into his model-making skills with heads of Dan, Digby and Sondar.

Alan Vince tells us about John M. Burns' and Denis Gilford's Dan Dare and Son.

Andrew Darlington and Joan Porter look at Terry Maloney's career in art, and his Dan Dare connection.

We have a complete strip story, Terror From Moon 33 by Ron Turner, written by Andrew Darlington and coloured by Martin Baines.

The Journey into Space - Shadow Over Britain adventure concludes in this issue.

Finally, our back cover shows Nick Spender's Reign of the Robots montage.

Happy reading!


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