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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

We have a packed issue of SPACESHIP AWAY for you. Continuing our celebration of 65 years of Dan Dare, we look to three eras of the strip in our features and artwork.

Original Eagle artist Don Harley provides our Safari in Space cover art, as well as a back-cover portrait of Dan. Our centrespread is by 1980s ‘new’ Eagle artist Gerry Embleton.

In our main feature, The Bruce Cornwell Story, his son Anthony Bruce Cornwell examines his father's life in depth, from his birth in Canada, through World War Two and onto his later architectural artwork. An unpublished interview with Bruce senior adds to the detail on his time with Eagle.

With the news of the first published collection of the Dan Dare 2000AD stories later this year, Jeremy Briggs looks at The 'Lost' DC Thomson Art of Dave Gibbons in Hotspur and Wizard and the little known and long forgotten SF, super hero and war strips therein.

Ron Turner's Nick Hazard and Charles Chilton's Journey into Space strips continue.

Writer and artist Tim Booth's Dan Dare sagas, Parsecular Tales and Mercury Revenant develop further, and as a bonus, he has produced an excellent cutaway of the Kookaburra.

Sid Clarke gives us a realistic model of a Kroopak (Black Cat) from Operation Saturn. Our memorabilia page shows the Horlicks Dan Dare Periscope which coincided with the Queens Coronation in 1953.

Happy reading.

Des Shaw


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